What happens if I want to sell my timeshare?

You can contact us to assist you.

What happens if I cannot make use of the holiday ownership for a particular year?

By becoming a member of an exchange company, like RCI, iExchange or 1st Exchange, owners can spacebank their week and swop it for an alternative week or/and resort, anywhere in the world, at anytime of the year, subject to availability.

Can I buy timeshare online e.g., Gumtree, Marketplace etc.?

We always advise potential buyers to purchase from reputable brokers only, as this will ensure a legal transaction with no hidden costs or unpaid levies.

What to avoid when buying timeshare?

Avoid buying a timeshare in a resort that is not affiliated to an exchange company.

One of the main reasons people invest in timeshare is to have the flexibility to experience holidays all over the world.

Is timeshare a good investment?

Timeshare is a great investment in future holidays, as you are not bound to escalating accommodation costs.

Can you own timeshare if you are under aged?

Yes, an under aged person can own timeshare with the approval of their guardian.

Can timeshare be bought in multiple people’s names?

Yes, timeshare ownership can be registered in more than one person’s name.

Are the levies billed monthly or annually?

Levies are mostly billed annually, but there are resorts that allow their owners to pay monthly.

How much does timeshare cost?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question, however the easiest way to explain this is: There are so many options of resorts to choose from, and they all range in price, levy and points, so depending on your future requirements, you have the option to purchase timeshare based on affordability, amenities, points, location etc. The purchase price of a timeshare depends on the grading of the resort, unit size, and most importantly, the season and popularity of the resort that you are interested in.

What happens with my timeshare when I die?

Just like any other asset it can be sold or transferred to another party.

Can I use my local timeshare – when spacebanked – internationally?

Yes, when you bank your local timeshare week with an exchange company, you have access to all the affiliated resorts internationally.

Just make sure when you purchase timeshare, that you own in an affiliated resort. We can assist with guidance on this.

What happens if I purchase timeshare and there are still outstanding levies on the previous owner’s name?

Part of the transfer process is to get a levy clearance from the resort managing agent.

The transfer cannot be completed if there are outstanding levies, and the seller would have to settle all outstanding fees prior to registration.

Can I rent out my week to other people/family/friends at a cost?

Yes, as the owner of the timeshare week, you are allowed to rent out your week.

You would have to request a guest certificate in your guest’s name for check in though.

Is it legal to transfer timeshare to my name?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to transfer an existing timeshare into your name.

When we do the transfer, the seller/existing owner hands over their share certificate or title deed and a new share certificate or title deed gets issued to the buyer/new owner by the resort managing agent.

What is the difference between buying a timeshare from the developer and buying a timeshare resale?

The only difference between buying from the developer and buying on the resale market is the price. As long as the new owner gets issued with a share certificate or title deed, there is no difference in terms of benefits.

What are the costs involved?

Besides the initial once-off purchase price and admin/transfer fee, an annual levy is payable.

If an owner decides to make use of an exchange company in order to exchange to another resort, an exchange fee and possible subscription fee would be payable.

What form of proof of ownership do I receive?

Once the transfer is completed and registered, the new owner is issued with either a share certificate or title deed.